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Where your search for truly Malaysian handmade premium artisan chocolates ends, and your love affair with these mouth-watering delights begins…

Indulge in our exquisite selection of premium chocolates…..

Pralinesbite-size fabulous chocolates infused with choices of nuts,  dried fruits and other crunchy goodness

Truffles –   lovely chocolate spheres filled with a variety of creamy ganache and gianduja. Even lovelier when rolled in almond flakes and nibs or toasted coconut 

….whether made with milk chocolate, 50% dark chocolate or white chocolate, delight your taste bud!

….or if you want to take it a step higher, let us fascinate you with our 70% supreme dark chocolates!

High cocoa butter content chocolates are used in all our pralines and truffles.

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Whether as an elegant gift or simply to enjoy it yourself , CHOCSVALLEY’s artisan chocolates elicit smiles of delight and nods of appreciation.


CHOCSVALLEY Premium Artisan Chocolates

16-piece box: RM35 (retail price)

   8-piece box: RM18 (retail price)


Check out our artisan chocolate selections…





HEVEA – Couverture Chocolate Bars

Introducing HEVEA

CHOCSVALLEY’s new range of assorted bar chocolates, crafted using premium courverture chocolates

Retail Price:
MACADAMIA DARK – RM7.50 per bar;
All others – RM6.50 per bar;

Also available in packs of 12 bars!

HEVEA Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut
HEVEA 55% Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut
HEVEA 55% Dark Chocolate with Macadamia
HEVEA 55% Dark Chocolate with Almond
HEVEA Milk Chocolate with French Cookies
HEVEA Milk Chocolate


Make Your Own Chocolates!

Make Your Own Chocolates!

Children simply love chocolates. They love it even more knowing the chocolates are made with their own hands!

At CHOCSVALLEY, we have hosted numerous children in our ‘Make Your Own Chocolate‘ sessions. Participants get to learn the basics of simple chocolate making, have great fun in shaping that brown gooey goodness and decorating it with their own creativity.

The flashing smiles and delight in the children’s eyes as they snap out their own chocolate bars from the moulds… priceless!

…and of course each participant will bring back the chocolates made by herself/himself to share and enjoy!

Fees: Only RM25 per participant. (Minimum 8 participants)

or RM200 per session if less than 8 participants

Session times:

Morning:  10:00am – 11:30am

Afternoon: 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Note: For groups of more than 25 participants, we may need to organize you into separate 30-min sessions, one after another, with a 15 minute break in between sessions for preparation.


Email: sales@chocsvalley.com.my

Tel: 017-2673215






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We are located within the serenely beautiful compound of the Negeri Sembilan State Museum, surrounded by the splendor of the iconic Minangkabau architecture

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